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As specialists in the restoration industry, we are involved in many property losses like yours and thus understand the personal and professional difficulties that follow such circumstances. At this point, you may be dealing with many details that require your time and attention and Mellon Certified Restoration can help reduce this burden. As our motto states “We bring order to chaos”.

For Helpful Information, we have prepared general descriptions of the various aspects of the restoration process that may be involved in your property loss. We hope it will help you understand each step that may be necessary in bringing order to your chaos.

Restoration Industry Terms

Clear, concise communication relies on a common understanding of terms and the importance of an accepted glossary of industry terminology has never been more important. Everyday we all are learning new terms and different definitions for known terms. It is why the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) has developed a dictionary of typical restoration industry terms for the purpose of establishing a common understanding of the language commonly used. Mellon Certified Restoration thanks the RIA for their permission to share their helpful glossary of definitions.

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