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Restoration Process Guide

It is extremely important that you understand the need for immediate action when your property is damaged by fire, water, wind, vandalism or other perils. Most important is to have the services performed by a qualified, reputable and experienced restoration company that has the training and equipment to appropriately address your immediate needs. Whether it is a board up to secure your property or water extraction, cleaning and drying of your home and contents, quick action will protect or preserve undamaged property and is critical in the effective and timely resolution of the existing damage and getting your life back to normal.

A Mellon Certified Restoration Property Loss Specialist will review the damage and prepare a detailed scope / estimate for you and/or your insurance company which outlines all necessary repairs area by area and the agreed upon cost of repairs. We have been working with insurance companies since 1982 and understand their specific requirements and needs. This knowledge and experience will mean that your insurance company’s adjuster can focus on resolving your claim as quickly as possible.

Basically, the signed Work Authorization gives us your permission to perform the restoration work. In signing the work authorization you are agreeing to permit payment by your insurance company for any and all loss related work we performed as itemized in the final estimate. We cannot begin work prior to having this signed authorization.

After your signed Work Authorization is received, it is our responsibility to restore your property to the pre-loss condition. In doing so, we will assign a Production Manager to coordinate, initiate and complete all cleaning and repairs as identified on the written and approved scope. The letter from our owner and President, Jim Mellon, which accompanies this guide, identifies the responsibilities of our key staff members and what roles they will play in completing your job in a satisfactory manner.

At the start of the job, we will provide an approximate completion date for your repairs. We will make every effort to remain on schedule, however, due to the complexity of restoration versus new construction, delays and interruptions may be unavoidable as we may encounter additional damage repair situations not discovered in the original scope. A final walk through / punch list will be arranged at the end of the job. At any phase of the restoration, please do not hesitate to ask any questions as we welcome your involvement in the repair process.

In most cases, we will be able to restore your salvageable contents to their pre-loss condition on-site or at our local facility. In the event of serious interior damage, we may recommend that your salvageable personal belongings and furnishings be inventoried and moved off-site to allow us to clean and deodorize them in our contained environment and storage facility. In addition, their removal will allow us to perform the appropriate repairs to the structure without further risk of damage or contamination. If your loss includes contents, our representative will review our specific procedures and requirements prior to the process of inventory, restoration, care and storage.

Depending on overall damage, your property may require replacement of affected materials. As noted in the accompanying letter, our Production Manager will provide samples and/or specifications of equivalent type / value of those damaged items such as carpet, paint, windows, siding, wallpaper, cabinets. You may choose to upgrade or custom order replacement materials but as most insurance companies will only pay for “like kind and quality”, you will be responsible for additional costs of such upgrades. Our Production Manager would be happy to discuss this with you and help you through the process if desired.

When the final walk through / punch list has been completed and you are satisfied with the restoration, you will be asked to sign a Certificate of Satisfaction to assure that all work was completed according to our scope and your satisfaction. This Certificate will be sent to your adjuster with the invoice and will allow the insurance company to release any remaining payments for the restoration minus the amount of any applicable deductible that you may have to remit.

Covered Loss: Please note that Mellon Certified Restoration cannot determine if your property damage or loss will be covered / paid by your insurance company. This is determined by your insurance policy and is the responsibility of the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim.

Non-Covered Loss: Should your policy exclude coverage of your damaged property or loss, Mellon Certified Restoration would be happy to offer and provide you the same quality service and expertise. In these cases, we must request a standard agreement to receive installment payments as your job proceeds with final payment due upon completion. For your convenience, we can accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for this payment, as well as personal checks.

Deductible: In accordance with your insurance policy, the policyholder is responsible for paying the stated deductible related to the covered claim. In most cases, we request that your deductible be paid in advance before beginning work. For your convenience, we can accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for this payment, as well as personal checks.

Change Orders / Upgrades: Should you choose to upgrade or custom order replacement materials more expensive than the “like kind and quality” reimbursed by your insurance company, you will be responsible for the additional costs of such upgrades. We require ½ payment for these changes / upgrades up front, and the balance upon completion. Our Production Manager would be happy to discuss this with you and help you through the process if desired.

Mellon Certified Restoration guarantees our workmanship for all restoration work performed at your property for a standard period of one (1) year after completion of the contracted work and payment in full has been received. (Note that some insurance company repair programs allow for extended warranty periods beyond our standard). During the warranty time period, we will repair or replace any portion of work originally installed by us if the workmanship is determined to be defective within the specified years following completion. The guarantee of any defective parts or materials is limited to the extent of the guarantee or warranty by the manufacturer of said parts or materials.