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MCR Makes the Grade!

April 25, 2014 by  
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Mellon Certified Restoration Returns Students to School in Just Three Days!

When C.G. Johnson Elementary fell victim to a broken water pipe in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 8th over half of the school was damaged by water. As a previous customer, the Dubois Area School District was already familiar with our experience in getting our commercial customers back to business faster. Or in this case, getting students back to learning faster! Superintendent Mark Heckman says, “Having experienced MCR’s professionalism and knowledge at another large water loss in the school district, I knew they were the right company to call.”

Despite being an hour outside of the typical service area for our Harrisburg Branch, our crews were able to arrive just a few hours after the pipe broke.  Setting to work immediately we began demolition and deployed our large loss mobile desiccant dehumidifier, space dehumidifiers and ample supply of fans strategically throughout the 24,000 square feet affected by water damage. In just three days we successfully dried and inventoried contents in approximately half of the rooms inside the school including numerous classrooms, storage areas, server room, special needs area, restrooms, lounges, and hallways. Working through the weekend to restore the school to safe operations we were able to return students to class just three school days after the initial loss.

Thanks to our quick action the school’s vital functions were restored quickly, but physical education activities in the gymnasium would need to be temporarily suspended while the gym floor received continued work. Thanks to our expert tenting of the wet hardwood gym floor we were able to minimize drying required and maximize our ability to save the gym floor.  Needing just a final sanding and refinishing we were able to spare the insurance company the costs and time involved in replacing the hardwood. The elementary school’s Principal Edward Dombroski, was very grateful for our quick response and dedication to the project. “Thanks to Mellon Certified Restoration we were able to minimize the disruption to the students’ education. They even went the extra mile for us and our insurance company to restore the gym floor rather than replace it. Mellon knows what’s important to a school and is definitely the right choice for our emergency service needs.”

Restoration Specialists Honored!

March 27, 2013 by  
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Mellon Certified Restoration Honored As

Successful Small Business in Pennsylvania!

“Strong work ethic. Dedication. Loyalty.” These are just a few of the heartfelt words that Jim Mellon, President of Mellon Certified Restoration, named as defining charac teristics of the staff that helped to develop his flagship one-office venture into the flourishing seven Pennsylvania locations it has become. Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley acknowledged this success by touring and speaking at the headquarters of Mellon Certified Restoration. Lt. Governor Cawley led the state’s disaster recovery taskforce in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

  During his visit, the Lt. Governor was given a personal tour of the Philadelphia Metro branch’s fully stocked warehouse, specialty services vehicles, and state of the art restoration equipment. The Lt. Governor took special interest in our custom designed Mobile Ultra Sonic Cleaning Lab & Equipment (MUSCLE) which utilizes Ultra Sonic cleaning technologies to reduce breakage during the cleaning process. This can be very efficient in losses involving large quantities of salvageable contents.

   Lt. Governor Cawley stated during his speech, “we wanted to empower a risk taker, an entrepreneur, a guy like Jim Mellon to do whatever it is he does best.” Citing his own personal experience with property damage he added, “I know it takes a special kind of person to do what you folks do. You must be doing it well to have been in business for over 30 years.” This special appearance by the Lt. Governor was attended by local community leaders, media, and company employees. Jim Mellon wrapped up a proud day in Mellon Certified Restoration’s history stating, “Our success is based on showing our customers that we care. This philosophy has been essential to our success over the last 31 years.”

See a video of the tour on our website under “News” or on our Facebook page!