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Soot and Smoke Contents Cleaning

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Soot damage from fire

Soot from fire can leave behind oily residue that is difficult to clean and deodorize.

Mellon Certified Restoration uses proven methods to eliminate soot, smoke odor and fire residue from your personal contents. Detailed cleaning with appropriate detergents and techniques provide amazing results. Whenever possible we try to utilize “green” cleaning products to protect the homeowner and our environment. We have successfully cleaned items that were originally thought to be ruined.

During a fire, smoke can permeate every everywhere. It can flow around plumbing systems, travel from one floor to another, and drift through air ducts where the odor becomes trapped.

Soot is oily and can easily stain carpets, draperies and other fabrics. Everything becomes covered in soot, and the odor can be extremely difficult to get rid of. If not properly removed by a professional, soot and smoke odor will keep coming back.

Our ability to pack out contents, clean them, and store them under one roof makes our contents cleaning a value asset in getting you back to pre-disaster condition. Our inventory control program tracks each item and makes locating your valuables during storage possible.

Mellon Certified Restoration also offers electronics cleaning for fire damaged contents. We have the ability to clean televisions, stereos, computers and other items of this nature.

How to Prevent Water Damage from your HVAC Unit

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Clean or replace your HVAC filters regularly.
When dirt and contaminants build up on your filters, particulate matter can start to build up on the evaporator coil. This material can then enter the A/C’s drain system, contributing to clogs.

Check your condensate drain.
As well as looking out for clogs, check to make sure that the main drain line and emergency drain line are properly connected and installed. The pipe can be knocked out of alignment; check to see that it’s oriented the right way. Installing a safety tee can help — this device cuts power to your A/C if the drain isn’t working properly.

Flush the drain twice a year.
Twice yearly, flush out the drain line to get rid of clogs. Some systems use pressurized water; others use compressed air. If you have a maintenance agreement the service technician will flush the line with pressure on his maintenance checkups.

Flush the drain with an algae killer.
Once a month, flush out your drain line with an algaecide. You can buy commercial prepared mixtures, although simple household materials work very effectively. A quarter-cup of vinegar poured down the drain line will disrupt the algal growth that forms many clogs.

Have your system serviced yearly.
An annual service performed by a properly licensed HVAC expert will in many cases catch blocked drains before they become an issue, as well as identifying other problems. Sometimes the cause of a blocked drain can be found elsewhere in the system.

What should you do if you see water leaking into your home?
Call Mellon Certified Restoration! Our Certified Technicians will quickly respond with specialized equipment to minimize the damage by removing the water and starting the drying process.  All of our full service branches are managed and staffed 24/7.

To see a list of our local branch addresses and phone numbers for all of Mellon Certified Restoration locations, click here

MCR Makes the Grade!

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Mellon Certified Restoration Returns Students to School in Just Three Days!

When C.G. Johnson Elementary fell victim to a broken water pipe in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 8th over half of the school was damaged by water. As a previous customer, the Dubois Area School District was already familiar with our experience in getting our commercial customers back to business faster. Or in this case, getting students back to learning faster! Superintendent Mark Heckman says, “Having experienced MCR’s professionalism and knowledge at another large water loss in the school district, I knew they were the right company to call.”

Despite being an hour outside of the typical service area for our Harrisburg Branch, our crews were able to arrive just a few hours after the pipe broke.  Setting to work immediately we began demolition and deployed our large loss mobile desiccant dehumidifier, space dehumidifiers and ample supply of fans strategically throughout the 24,000 square feet affected by water damage. In just three days we successfully dried and inventoried contents in approximately half of the rooms inside the school including numerous classrooms, storage areas, server room, special needs area, restrooms, lounges, and hallways. Working through the weekend to restore the school to safe operations we were able to return students to class just three school days after the initial loss.

Thanks to our quick action the school’s vital functions were restored quickly, but physical education activities in the gymnasium would need to be temporarily suspended while the gym floor received continued work. Thanks to our expert tenting of the wet hardwood gym floor we were able to minimize drying required and maximize our ability to save the gym floor.  Needing just a final sanding and refinishing we were able to spare the insurance company the costs and time involved in replacing the hardwood. The elementary school’s Principal Edward Dombroski, was very grateful for our quick response and dedication to the project. “Thanks to Mellon Certified Restoration we were able to minimize the disruption to the students’ education. They even went the extra mile for us and our insurance company to restore the gym floor rather than replace it. Mellon knows what’s important to a school and is definitely the right choice for our emergency service needs.”

Restoration Specialists Honored!

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Mellon Certified Restoration Honored As

Successful Small Business in Pennsylvania!

“Strong work ethic. Dedication. Loyalty.” These are just a few of the heartfelt words that Jim Mellon, President of Mellon Certified Restoration, named as defining charac teristics of the staff that helped to develop his flagship one-office venture into the flourishing seven Pennsylvania locations it has become. Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley acknowledged this success by touring and speaking at the headquarters of Mellon Certified Restoration. Lt. Governor Cawley led the state’s disaster recovery taskforce in the wake of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

  During his visit, the Lt. Governor was given a personal tour of the Philadelphia Metro branch’s fully stocked warehouse, specialty services vehicles, and state of the art restoration equipment. The Lt. Governor took special interest in our custom designed Mobile Ultra Sonic Cleaning Lab & Equipment (MUSCLE) which utilizes Ultra Sonic cleaning technologies to reduce breakage during the cleaning process. This can be very efficient in losses involving large quantities of salvageable contents.

   Lt. Governor Cawley stated during his speech, “we wanted to empower a risk taker, an entrepreneur, a guy like Jim Mellon to do whatever it is he does best.” Citing his own personal experience with property damage he added, “I know it takes a special kind of person to do what you folks do. You must be doing it well to have been in business for over 30 years.” This special appearance by the Lt. Governor was attended by local community leaders, media, and company employees. Jim Mellon wrapped up a proud day in Mellon Certified Restoration’s history stating, “Our success is based on showing our customers that we care. This philosophy has been essential to our success over the last 31 years.”

See a video of the tour on our website under “News” or on our Facebook page!

MCR Hurricane Sandy Response

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Despite an increased workload in our Pennsylvania based offices our President Jim Mellon and our Corporate Emergency Service Director Chris Maluchnik (WRT, FST, HST, ASD, CDS, CMP, OSHA Authorized Construction Safety Trainer) were on-site providing emergency services to a number of homes in Sea Isle City, just a short 48 hours after Hurricane Sandy assaulted the state of New Jersey. From there, word quickly spread to homeowners in Ocean City, Wildwood and beyond that a well known, licensed contractor was here to help! As calls continued to come in, Jim and Chris mobilized over 50 crew and management team members to the New Jersey shore. As you can see by the map below, we are now restoring homes and businesses all over the coastline of New Jersey – 70 miles between the Northern and Southern most clients.

MCR's Response to Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

As early responders to the shore, we also had to contend with power and water supply issues. Using every available resource from our seven branch offices and our close relationship with our vendors we were able to establish the necessary resources to begin working immediately. Our crews and managers worked 12 hours each day for three weeks straight to complete water damage restoration on over 80 different properties.  The class 3 water damage that was present in New Jersey required us to demolition drywall, remove sodden insulation, and tear out subflooring. Sadly with the amount of water, debris, and possible contaminants brought onshore by Sandy, most personal items and furniture were beyond salvaging.

“The news coverage and pictures do not even come close to conveying what actually seeing this kind of devastation is like,” says Matt Dishner Business Development Representative for Mellon. “Historic, family owned homes passed down from generation to generation with original hardwood floors and architectural features have been crumbled. Everyone who we’ve met has said they don’t ever remember having a storm this bad.”

Pictures below show you some of the all too common views at the Jersey Shore the last few weeks. In just three short weeks our self-sacrificing crews have accomplished an amazing amount of work. “Neighbors helping neighbors, family and friends rallying together to help one another – it’s the spirit of humanity that helps you wake up and go to work each day. Knowing that the spirit of the community is rallying together to help one another is one of the biggest motivating factors in our profession,” says Doug Morrow, Business Development Manager for Mellon Certified Restoration.

 Thank you to everyone who put their own comfort aside and their personal lives on hold to help our clients in New Jersey start anew. In a few months we’ll be able to proudly share pictures of homes, businesses, and communities that you’ve caringly, professionally helped to rebuild!

To Our Friends & Neighbors

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As Hurricane Sandy approaches the East Coast we are hoping that you have already taken the appropriate measures to prepare for this storm. If not, it’s imperative that you consult the government provided resources available to you at  and at Preparing for a storm can seem an overwhelming task, but it is essential to have at least the basic items covered to minimize the impact of the storm on your family, home and possessions. Here are a few basic suggestions:

  • Have at least 3 days supply of non-perishable food, water, and shelter.
  • Put together a disaster supplies kit. This could include items such as a first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, and whistle. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has an excellent basic list with additional ideas to consider based on your individual circumstances-
  • Assemble all your important documents like insurance policies, identification, and bank account records into a waterproof, portable container.
  • Keep a hard copy list of contact information for local agencies. This could include the local emergency management office, Red Cross, Utilities, Public Safety Fire/Rescue, and of course your home insurance agent. Keeping the contact information in a secure location will allow you to get assistance quickly when seconds count.

Mellon Certified Restoration has gone through our own Emergency Preparedness checklist to ensure that we can continue to provide support to our communities through the Hurricane. For example, each of our seven offices has taken a re-inventory of supplies and equipment so that we can best allocate our resources during the storm. Our managers have opened lines of communication with our vendors and have rallied our teams for the coming call to action. Please know that the certified professionals at Mellon are available to you 24 /7 / 365 for Emergency Services should flooding, water damage, or wind damage affect your home during Hurricane Sandy. If we can be of service to you during the storm, please do not hesitate to contact your local office.

Philadelphia Metro – 610-622-5860

Exton – 610-363-6397

Lehigh Valley – 610-837-8860

Harrisburg – 717-232-1551

Scranton – 570-342-8822

Huntingdon Valley – 215-357-6000

Williamsport – 570-323-6600

Remembering 9/11

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What were you doing on 9/11/2001? If it was any other date in the calendar, you probably would have a  hard time remembering the specifics of any given day. Because of terroristic acts committed against this country, our memories of the day will live on in the hearts and history of our country. To honor the lives lost on that day 11 years ago special volunteer opportunities are held on 9/11 all over the United States. Our Business Development Representative Matt chose to commemorate the day by joining the York Habitat for Humanity in their Day of Remembrance and Building as part of thier 2012 Veterans Build initiative. 

Habitat arranged for taps to be played followed by a moment of silence and for special red, white, and blue screws to be used in the building completed that day. York Habitat is trying to complete the home by Veteran’s Day so that the home can be dedicated to two Veterans that day. If you’d like to support the York Habitat for Humanity in their goal, visit their website at Below are some pictures of the event and the hardworking volunteers.

Williamsport Habitat for Humanity!

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Our Williamsport Office has recently completed water damage mitigation and repair for Habitat for Humanity of Lycoming County ( after torrential rains caused flash flooding. The home was completed in July of 2012 after volunteers in the area dedicated their time and resources to design and build the home over the last three years. Typically, there is a “closing party” but before the new homeowners could even close on the home, they had their first property damage claim! Just after the home was completed, the town was flooded and several homes in the area were affected. Knowing that MCR has come through in the past for Habitat for Humanity homes, we were called in to clean up the debris and return their home to its brand new condition (literally!). The Lycoming Habitat for Humanity’s representative Bob Hicox was so extremely thankful for our quick response, knowledgeable staff, and efficient work that he invited Fred Shankweiler (Williamsport) to join an Open House event for the prospective homeowners on August 13th. The small group that attended included all three Lycoming County Commissioners, the mayor of Williamsport Gabe Campana, and Habitat for Humanity’s Board President Earl Kinter.

If you’d like to volunteer with Habitat, check out their volunteer page here –


Welcome to the New Website!

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We are so pleased to finally share our new website with the world! We want to give a big thanks to Dave for orchestrating the design and writing the content of the website!

This new website features important customer information, links to our social media, and also some of our past Scoop Newsletters! Future blog posts are going to include updates on all things related to MCR, information on the restoration and remodeling industry, and highlights about events in the communities we serve.

To get things started, leave us a comment about what you think of our new website! 😀